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   • It is a management approach where;

   • A common future ideal forms the focal point for growth

   • Common goals are the uniting factor

   • The organization is not “Mechanical” but a “Living System”

   • People are considered a “Value” rather than a “Resource”

   • The leadership style is one that fosters greater collaboration

   • The environment is productive and sustainable, nurturing a sense of meaning



The communication age has accelerated the pace of the world, transformed relations, and created a generational gap in values greater than ever before. Yet, our methods of organization still rely on the mental frameworks of the old world.

It becomes increasingly difficult for just a few decision-makers to grasp the big picture and make decisions at a pace that would meet the expectations of all stakeholders, mobilize the organization and ensure sustainability.

We see both a strong need and a desire to create a climate of “Collaborative Leadership” across organizations that recognize the current state of affairs. This need manifests itself in a search for a creative, productive and satisfying collaboration where every employee takes the initiative towards a common goal.



Agreement and Planning

Following a preliminary assessment and agreement with our sponsor, we plan the process for the organization.

We work with “vertical cross-section teams” of 10 to 30 people who represent different levels of management and departments of the organization.

This allows the participants to see beyond their respective positions and business units; to get a glimpse of the overall needs of the System and to experience Collaborative Leadership.



We implement a 5-module (a total of 4 days) program over a period of few months with each group.


Broad Participation Assessment

Once a majority of the groups have completed all of the required modules (over a period of approximately 6 months), we hold broad participation meetings with the teams to evaluate the performance and impacts of the change/transformation.


One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring (OPTIONAL)

Thanks to the effects of experiential learning, collective mind and group dynamics, participants often gain new, significant awareness of their respective challenges as well as their potential.

It is of utmost importance that individuals take responsibility for their own belief systems, preferences and behaviors to create a Collaborative Leadership climate. To facilitate this, we support individuals with our coaching and mentorship service when requested.



We use Systems Coaching as our basic approach. We help the teams find their own answers, solutions, and agendas for progress by using the joint contributions of all team members.


In the Collaborative Leadership Program modules, we use a variety of philosophies, approaches and methods we internalized from a multitude of disciplines, including Theory-U, 5th Discipline, Art of Hosting, ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), AoEC Systemic Team Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Deep Democracy, ADLER, and CTI Co-Active Coaching –all of which are further blended with our experiences.